Continuing Education

All renewing licensees must report their completed continuing education no later than December 31. This reporting must be submitted through CE Broker.

The Louisiana State Board of Dentistry accepts proof of licensees' continuing education submitted online through CE Broker.  CE Broker will keep a record of your CE attendance and provide you with information indicating your progress in meeting your requirements.  This allows you to keep track of your continuing education on an ongoing basis as well as negates the need for random CE audits.

Your individual requirements (anesthesia, clinical, personally attended, BLS, etc.) have been submitted to CE Broker.  Some CE providers report course attendance on your behalf directly to CE Broker; for those CE providers who do not report directly, you will upload images of your own certificates.  Once you have completed your CE requirements for the current license cycle, you will see a "complete" message in your CE Broker record.  Completions are then forwarded to the Board, and licensees who are complete are exempt from any CE audit for that particular license period.

We suggest you submit your CE course completion certificates on an ongoing basis as you take courses.  This will enable you to better track your compliance prior to the end of your license term.

There is no charge to our licensees for the basic account through CE Broker, although there are additional paid account options that may better enable you to keep track of both your requirements and your progress.

For more information and to create your account in CE Broker, please visit

All continuing education requirements for license renewal may be found in Chapter 16 of the Board Rules.



In order to renew your license starting in 2018 DENTISTS must obtain 3 hours of CE on opioid management.

In Act 76 of 2017 regular legislative session, the Louisiana Legislature has mandated that every healthcare provider with a license to prescribe controlled dangerous substances be required to complete 3 hours of opioid management CE as part of their regular CE requirements. This is a one-time requirement; in other words, the 3 hours of opioid management need only be taken once in one’s career. ¬†Below please find some courses that comply with this requirement. Most of these courses are one hour, so three of them must be taken in order to comply with the requirement.

The Legislature has forbidden the board from renewing the license of any dentist who has failed to take 3 hours of CE on opioid management. Renewals starting at the end of 2018 will be affected by this rule, so starting in 2018 you must receive 3 hours of opioid management CE in order to renew your license.


A dentist may be exempted from this new CE requirement by certifying to the board that the dentist has not prescribed, administered or dispensed a controlled dangerous substance during the entire renewal period.  You must complete this affidavit in the presence of a notary and mail it to the Board office prior to the current expiration date of your license. The Board will then verify through the Prescription Monitoring Program that you have not prescribed, dispensed, or administered any controlled substance.

You must complete a new affidavit prior to each license renewal.
Exemptions are valid for only the license period for which the Board has your notarized affidavit on file.

If you prescribe controlled dangerous substances in the future you are required to notify the Board, and you will then be required to obtain the 3 hours of opioid management CE.



The following courses have been approved by the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry to fulfill the mandatory opioid management CE requirement.  You must complete a total of 3 hours prior to your first license renewal.  These course names have already been reported to CE Broker, so you can upload your completion certificates there. 

If there is a course you would like to take that you believe will fulfill the requirement, please call the board office.  (3 hours)   (1 hour)

"Use and Abuse of Prescription Medications: Following the Rules and Keeping Out of Trouble" through the Anesthesia Education & Safety Foundation, Inc.  (3 hours)   (1 hour)   (1 hour)   (1 hour)   (1 hour)  (3 hours)