Licensing Information

Anyone with a criminal record who is interested in pursuing an education to become a licensed dentist or dental hygienist in Louisiana has the right to petition the Board prior to beginning the education program for a determination pursuant to R.S. 37:33 on whether their criminal history would disqualify them from licensure.  Criminal convictions may be used as a basis for denial of licensure. All of the factors listed in R.S. 37:2950 will be considered in determining whether licensure will be denied. This message is pursuant to Act 486 of the 2022 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature.

All applications must be MAILED to the Board's mailing address along with your documents and fees.

ALL applicants for a Louisiana license (both full as well as restricted) are required to take a jurisprudence examination covering the Louisiana Dental Practice Act which can be found on our website.

APPLICANTS FOR A LICENSE BY CREDENTIALS OR A LICENSE BY AN EXAMINATION IN ANOTHER JURISDICTION: Please contact our office directly to obtain fingerprint cards and forms as they are unavailable from this website.

The following applications are available in Adobe Acrobat Format (*.pdf). Adobe offers a free plug-in viewer on its website.

◦Dental License by Examination
  Dental LBE Application

◦Dental Hygiene License by Examination
  Dental Hygiene LBE Application

◦Anesthesia Permit Applications
  Nitrous Oxide Application
Effective January 20, 2016, qualified third party anesthesia providers may administer sedation and anethesia in any dental office at which there exists an office permit for that level of anesthesia or higher.  Qualified third parties are Louisiana licensed physicians specializing in anesthesiology, Louisiana licensed certified registered nurse anesthetists, and Louisiana licensed dentists possessing a personal permit.
  Moderate Sedation Application
  General Anesthesia Application

Office permits for any level of anesthesia other than nitrous oxide require an office inspection.  Please use the following inspection sheet as a checklist to ensure you have the appropriate equipment and information available for the inspector.
  Anesthesia Inspection Sheet

◦Hygiene Anesthesia
  Dental Hygiene Nitrous Oxide Permit Application
  Hygiene Local Anesthesia Application

If you have been licensed and permitted in another state to administer local anesthesia in your practice of dental hygiene, and you wish to apply for a permit to administer local anesthesia in Louisiana, please also fill out the affidavit below and submit it with your local anesthesia permit application.
  Local Anesthesia Affidavit

◦Dental License by Credentials Application
  Dental LBC Application

◦Dental Hygiene License by Credentials Application
  Dental Hygiene LBC Application

◦Restricted License Application
  Restricted License