Q: When does my license expire?
A: If your last name WHEN YOUR LICENSE WAS ORIGINALLY ISSUED began with a letter between A through L, then your license will next expire December 31, 2019. If it began with a letter between M through Z, then your license will next expire December 31, 2020. Licenses are valid for two years.

Q: Do I need to post my original license in my office?
A: Yes. Each Louisiana licensee holding either a dental or dental hygiene license shall display the license and any anesthesia permits in full and open view for all patients to observe along with all current renewal certificates of said license or anesthesia permits.

Q: What if I have more than one office in which to display my license?
A: A copy of your original license and a copy of all current renewal certificates and anesthesia permits shall be displayed in open and full view for the public to observe.

Q: I have lost my original license. What can I do?
A: Please contact the board for an affidavit of lost license. There is a $50.00 fee for duplicate original licenses. There is also a $50.00 fee for duplicate renewal certificates.

Q: I have lost my current renewal certificate and/or office anesthesia permit. What can I do?
A: You may log in to the Licensee Login page and print your current certificates at any time.

Q: Can I place my license on semi-retired or inactive status?
A: No. The board only recognizes an active status. If you voluntarily surrender your license due to retirement, your license will no longer exist. However, the board has created a volunteer retired dentist status to allow retired licensees to provide pro bono dental care.

Q: What happens if I do not renew my license?
A: You will receive one notice by certified mail reminding you of your possible oversight. If we still receive no response from you or you inform the board that you do not wish to renew the license, it will be revoked due to non-renewal at the March board meeting.

Q: What happens if I allow my license to lapse?
A: If your dental or hygiene license lapses due to non-renewal, you may not practice dentistry or hygiene in Louisiana. Persons who practice with a lapsed license are subject to disciplinary action.

Q: I retired my license. Can I change its status from retired to active?
A: Licensees who wish to reinstate their licenses must complete a reinstatement application and submit it to the board office. The application will be reviewed and you will be advised of the outcome accordingly. There may be fees or continuing education required for this process. Please contact the board office for a reinstatement application.

Q: How do I retire my dental or dental hygiene license?
A: Dentists and hygienists may notify the board in writing or, if applicable, on the renewal application of your intentions to retire your Louisiana license.


Q: Do I need to apply for a new office anesthesia permit if I move to a new office?
A: Yes. All locations in which anesthesia or analgesia is performed must have an office permit for the level of anesthesia being used. If you move to a new office, the permit from your old office will NOT transfer. You may download the appropriate anesthesia application here.

Q: How much will it cost to renew my anesthesia permit(s)?
A: There is a $50 fee to renew your personal nitrous oxide inhalation or enteral conscious sedation permit. There is a $200 fee to renew your personal parenteral moderate sedation or general anesthesia permit.  There is no renewal fee for dental hygiene anesthesia permits.

Q: How will I renew my anesthesia permit(s)?
A: You will be able to renew your anesthesia permit at the same time you renew your license.

Dental Assistants

Q: I am a dental assistant registered in another state. Can I transfer my license to Louisiana?
A: No.

Q: Can I take a dental assisting course in another state and then get an expanded duty dental assistant (EDDA) certificate confirmation from the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry?
A: No. The board only recognizes the EDDA course as taught at the Louisiana State University School of Dentistry, the University of Louisiana at Monroe, and Southern University at Shreveport.

Q: Does the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry regulate or certify dental assistants?
A: The board does not regulate dental assistants. The board will issue a certificate confirmation for expanded duty dental assistants ONLY after he or she has submitted the following: EDDA certificate confirmation application, proof of completion of an approved EDDA course and an approved radiology course, current CPR card, and $100 application fee